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IRA SOFT is a strategy based result-driven Python and Django Training solution provider. Bringing out of the box Python and Django training to the world, we help passionate individuals like you to add more skills to their resume and get ready for the corporate world out there. Make brilliant use of your time by adding credibility and relevant certifications to your resume. Ira Soft has a variety of courses and certifications available online which you can access through the comfort of your home. We provide comprehensive Python courses and training to the students and teach the Advance Python, data operations, conditional statements, shell scripting and Django Web Development.

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Python Course Overview

Python is a high-level programming language that makes it easy to learn. Python increases your productivity. Python allows you to solve complex problems in less time and fewer lines of code. It’s quick to make a prototype in Python. The demand for web applications is at an all-time high. Do you love programming but are not getting the right job due to a lack of a professional degree? Are you seeking a reliable and value-based Python certification course? Worry not! With our online Python and Django online course, become certified in the programming language of Python and Django Framework in merely three months.

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Key Features

  • Industry Standard Training Courses
  • Live Industry Projects
  • Certified and Expert Trainers
  • Assistance in clearing Django Microsoft Certification
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Feedbacks
  • Recorded Video Sessions
  • Interactive QnA sessions (Doubt Resolution sessions)

Skills Covered

  • Django Template Language
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Development of Python applications
  • Deployment of Python applications
  • Cross Site Scripting Forgery (CSRF)
  • Django Web Framework
Training Path Week Days Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) One on one Session
Training Duration 25-30 Days 10 Weekend 10 Days
No. of Hour 1 hour per day 2 Hour per day 6 Hour per day
Training Mode Classroom/Online Live Classroom/Online Live Classroom/Online Live
Job Guarantee 100 % Job 100 % Job 100 % Job
Certification you will Get Microsoft Certification Microsoft Certification Microsoft Certification

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Features of IRA’s Python Online Course Certification + Django Online Course

Industry Standard Training Courses

Best Python Training Institute
  • We believe in advancing our courses and curriculum with time. With our Python web development course, you will be getting your hands on to modern and industry standard training material with us.
  • Lifetime access to high-quality live class recordings
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Certified and Expert Trainers

Live Industry Projects
  • With our Python Web Development course, expert trainers in the field of Python will be providing training under our online courses. These experts are certified and have a vast experience in creating Python based web applications.
  • You get real time learning with our course at Ira Soft. We make you work on live industrial projects to give you a real-time value addition and learning.
  • Resume Creation and Grooming


Customized to your team's needs
  • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Course Curriculum


The Python & Django course is open to freshers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and anyone with a keen interest in Python and web development.


There are no prerequisites to take up this Python & Django course.

Module 01- • Introduction to Python
Module 02- • Variables & Data Types in Python
Module 03-Conditional Statements & Loops
Module 04-Functions used in Python
Module 05-Modules& Packages
Module 06- Classes & Objects
Module 07- Data Models
Module 08- Django Views
Module 09- Django Generic Views
Module 10- HTTP and HTML Forms

PYTHON-Variable and Data Types, Python List and Dictionary, Conditional Statements, Functions, Modules, File Handling, Class and Objects, Regular Expressions, Decorators DATABASE-DML, DDL, SUBQUERIES FRONT END-HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JS Django-App Architecture, Models, Admin, URLs, ORM, Querysets, Templates, and Static Files Deployment.
Module 01- • Python Introduction

✔ Introduction to Python

✔ Python Fundamentals

✔ Application of Python

✔ Variables & Data Types

✔ Operators & Constructs

✔ Functions & Constructor


✔ Class

✔ Object Theory

✔ Abstraction

✔ Encapsulation

✔ Inheritance

✔ Polymorphism


✔ File Handling

✔ Exception Handling

✔ Multi Threading

✔ Modules


✔ List

✔ Dictionary

✔ Tuple

✔ Sets

✔ Regular Expression

✔ Web Scraping


✔ GUI Programming

✔ Mysql Introduction

✔ Database Connectivity

✔ Network Programming

✔ Lamda Expressions

✔ Collections

✔ Tkinter




✔ Introduction to Django

✔ Installation

✔ Overview

✔ Basic UI Elements

✔ Virtual Environment

✔ Starting Django Project

✔ Creating App

✔ Explore Views

✔ URL Mapping/ URL Dispatcher

✔ Regular expression


✔ Error/Exception Handling
✔ Decorators
✔ Templates
✔ Django Template language
✔ Filters
✔ Models
✔ Fields
✔ Queries [with Filters]
✔ Migrations
✔ Forms
✔ Validations
✔ Fields & Widgets
✔ Authentication
✔ Administration
✔ Overview of REST API

PYTHON - Variable and Data Types, Python List and Dictionary, Conditional Statements, Functions, Modules, File Handling, Class and Objects, Regular Expressions, Decorators DATABASE-DML, DDL, SUBQUERIES FRONT END-HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JS REACTJS-JSX, Virtual DOM, SPA, Life cycle, Forms using REACT, API Integration Django-App Architecture, Models, Admin, URLs, ORM, Query sets, Templates and Static Files. AWS Deployment.

• Introduction to ReactJS
• Environment Setup
• Key Features
• React Installation
• ReactJS vs AngularJS
• ReactJS vs ReactNative
• React State & Props
• React Components
• React Components API
• Components API
• JSX vs TSX
• Functions & Class Components
• Event Handling
• Functions & Constructor
• Dynamic Data Rendering
• Property Binding
• Conditional Rendering
• Lists & Keys
• Form Handling
• Form Validation
• Refs in React
• Fragments
• CSS & Animation
• Bootstrap & Contexts
• Table & Map
• Custom Services
• React Storage Concepts
• Local Storage
• State Management
• Session & Cookies
• Routing Concepts
• Route Components
• Nested Routes
• UI Components
• Flux vs MVC
• Introduction to Redux
• Redux Setup
• Store & Reducer
• Actions & Dispatcher
• High Order Components
• Advanced Redux
• Hooks Rules
• Social Login
• React Pagination
• Search & Filter
• CRUD Example

• Grid Basic, Well, Images
• Alerts, Buttons Badges/Labels
• Progress, Bars, Pagination, Pager
• DropDown, Collapse Navbar
• Modal / Forms, Carousel
• ToolTips, ScrollSpy
• Templates , Templates
• Jquery Syntax, Selector, Event, Functions,
• Jquery SlideUp, SlideDown
• Jquery Fade in / Fade Out, Animation,
• Chaining, Add HTM, Set HTM, CSS
• Add & Remove Class, Jquery Ajax,
• Working with website, Jquery Slider
• Jquery Animated Popup, Scrolling Web Page

Brownie Points of the Django Online Course along with Python Online Course Certification

  • Advanced Placement Assistance
  • Assistance in clearing Django Microsoft Certification
  • Interactive QnA sessions (Doubt Resolution sessions)
  • Fun Learning activities and workshop with peers
  • Live Industry based projects

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Python is a popular programming language used in various fields like machine learning, data research, web development, gaming, scientific computing, and eCommerce. Our Python course can help you become proficient.

The first step for beginners to easily become proficient in this language is to enroll in an IRA training Python course. Industry professionals created the course curriculum, and each idea is fully explained.

Python is undoubtedly one of the programming languages with the greatest growth, and in today's work market, having this talent is highly prized. Python developers are in high demand worldwide due to their numerous applications in various fields. Additionally, having proficiency in Python can help you land a career in web development, data science, machine learning, and other areas. Your employment possibilities can be further enhanced by earning our Python certification.

Designing, creating, deploying, and debugging development projects—usually on the back end—is typically expected of a Python developer. To create and execute reliable applications, they construct scalable and efficient Python codes based on business requirements. Depending on the industry they work in, their other duties change. Become certified in Python from an IRA training to learning what it takes to be a productive Python developer.

Python developers should be well-versed in both object-oriented programming techniques and the fundamentals of Python. Python developers ought to be conversant with the relevant frameworks and libraries based on their line of work. They should also be well-versed in front-end technologies, version control systems, ORM frameworks, and other topics. One of the greatest ways to hone these abilities is with our Python certification.