Azure Solutions Architect Training for AZ-303 & AZ-304


This training program is designed to help you prepare for the Architect Technology exam. Candidates for this exam are Azure Cloud Architects who advise and translate business requirements into reliable, secure and scalable solutions. With this training program, you will learn the skills to understand Azure Cloud Architect technology solutions, implement workloads and security in Azure, build and deploy apps in Azure, and access data in Azure.

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Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Training Overview

IRA Soft Consultancy Service Global Services's Experience Trainer provides definitive training in Microsoft Azure AZ-303 and AZ-304 certification. During this training, you will learn how to design Microsoft Azure solutions, work on real-world practical projects in building scalable Azure infrastructure, design web apps, and implement Azure storage solutions and data access practices. Apart from this, you will get the reading material from our Experience Trainer.

To become an Azure Cloud Architect, you will learn topics such as:
  • Planning and designing Azure infrastructure
  • Securing of Azure resources
  • Developing advanced applications
  • Azure governance mechanisms
  • Deploying resources with Azure Resource Manager
  • Building IaaS-based server applications
  • Azure storage backing for Azure solutions
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure data platform
  • Azure Migrate

  • Solutions Architects and programmers looking to build SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications
  • Network and Systems Admins, and Application, DevOps, and QA Engineers
  • Storage and Security Admins and Virtualization and Network Engineers

There are no prerequisites for taking up this training. Having a basic understanding of cloud and networking can be beneficial.

The cost of Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies is US$165. Also, the cost of Exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design is US$165.

Microsoft Azure is growing at an unprecedented rate, and cloud deployment in today’s digital-first organizations is rising at a very fast rate. IRA Soft Consultancy Service Global Services is offering comprehensive training in architecting Microsoft Azure solutions, which is completely in line with the Azure certification exams. You will work on real-world projects and gain hands-on experience and will be in a position to apply for the best jobs in the industry.

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Our Training Curriculum

Azure Virtual Machines
  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Machine
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Deployment Models
  • Virtual Machines Series
  • Virtual Machine Sizes
Configuring Azure Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Creating Windows VM
  • Virtual Machine Extensions
  • Windows VM Disk Layouts
  • Network Security Group
  • Web Deployment Setup
  • Deploying Web Application
Scaling Virtual Machines
  • Introduction to Availability sets
  • Fault Domains and Update Domains
  • Architecture for N-Tier Application
  • Virtual machine scale sets
  • Availability sets vs. scale sets

Azure App Services
  • App Services
  • Types of App Services
  • App Services Tiers and Pricing
  • App Services Scaling
Azure Web App
  • Introduction to Azure Web App
  • Implementing and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Implementing mobile apps
  • Traffic Manager

Azure Scripting and Automation
  • Azure Automation Overview
  • Azure Automation Assets
  • Using Azure PowerShell
  • Using DSC with Azure Automation
  • Using the Azure CLI
  • Collect and Analyze Data Using Azure Services

Azure Active Directory
  • Introduction Azure AD Directory
  • Azure AD for Enterprises
  • Azure AD as the control plane
  • Azure AD in the Marketplace
  • Azure AD Tiers
  • Windows Server AD vs. Azure AD
Getting Started with Active Directory
  • Types of Azure AD
  • Creating and Configuring Azure AD
  • Azure AD user Accounts
  • Identity Providers
  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure Role-Based Access Control

Azure Storage
  • Introduction to Azure Storage
  • Azure Storage Offerings - Blobs, Tables, Queues, Disks and Files
  • Azure Storage Used by Microsoft
  • Azure Storage Account Types
  • Access Tiers
  • Azure Storage Tools
  • Redundancy
  • Azure Storage Offerings in Details
Managing Azure Storage
  • Azure Storage Blobs
  • Azure Storage Files
  • Azure Storage Tables
  • Azure Storage Queues
  • Azure Storage Access and Monitoring